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The cicadas are coming! The cicadas are coming! Some cicada species can register sounds louder than 100 decibels — louder than an approaching subway train — when calling for a potential mate. As many as 1.5 million cicadas may crowd into a single acre, and their calls can often be heard as far as a mile away. Since we can’t avoid them when it’s their time to emerge, we may as well have some fun with them. This hand-painted pendant is so lifelike it even glistens in the sun! Consider completing your set with a pair of handpainted cicada earrings, pictured here and sold separately below.

These necklaces are painted to order. For large orders, please use the Contact Us tab.

  • The necklace is ~17″ in length, plus a ~3″ extender chain finished with an antique-silver metal leaf charm.
  • The tarnish-resistant stainless steel chain is hand-cut and completed with stainless steel finishings.
  • The silver metal finishings have been sealed with a protective coating to help preserve their shine.
  • Your purchase will include a signature artist photo card to show the unique, handcrafted nature of this necklace.
  • Also included is a foil gift box for easy gift-giving.

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