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Hats off to Sir John Harington (an English courtier and  godson of Queen Elizabeth I), who described the first modern flushable toilet in 1596 with detailed illustrations and a set of instructions. In the 19th century, a London plumbing impresario named Thomas Crapper (yes, that was his real name) manufactured one of the first widely successful lines of flush toilets, leading to the eventual adoption of indoor ‘water closets’. Whether you call it a toilet, a commode, a crapper or a john, these 3-dimensional earrings make a great gift for a plumber or for a white elephant exchange.

  • Earring Length: ~2.0″
  • These earrings are a bit on the heavy side — but not nearly as heavy as the real thing!
  • The stainless steel earwires are nickel-free and lead-free.

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