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An estimated 2,600 different species of palm tree can be found in tropical paradises across the globe. The Wax Palm tree in the Andes can grow in excess of 200 feet tall, while the diminutive Dypsis minuta, native to Madagascar, can be as small as only 12 inches! Many different fruits grow on palm trees, including coconuts, dates, acai berries, and peach palms. In addition to bearing fruits, palm trees can also be used to make sugar, wines and other beverages, as well as providing the material to make many different items such as broomsticks.

  • Earring Length: ~1.5″
  • These two-sided antique-silver metal charms have been treated with a protective coating to prolong their shiny finish.
  • The stainless steel earwires are nickel-free and lead-free.

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