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Bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker’s arachnid abilities give him amazing powers that he uses to help others and to fight crime. He dreams of becoming an Avenger as Spider-Man. The character was created by writer-editor Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. Actors who have portrayed Spider-Man in the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe include Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

  • These earrings are handcrafted with genuine guitar picks licensed by Marvel Studios. Additional characters may be available, including Captain America, Ironman, Thor, Wolverine, and the Incredible Hulk. Send inquiries to https://www.robinettedesigns.com/contactus/.
  • The high-resolution Spider-Man image appears on both sides of the guitar picks.
  • The stainless steel earwires are nickel-free and lead-free.

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