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Amethyst gemstones are a variety of quartz containing iron and other trace minerals. While the word ‘amethyst’ makes most people think of a dark purple gem, amethyst actually occurs in many shades of purple. The color can be so light it is barely perceptible, or so dark it is nearly opaque. It is the birthstone for February and the gemstone for the constellation of Pisces.

  • Due to the inherent nature of gemstones, each stone is singular in both color and shading. We have selected stones that truly complement each other, and each pair of earrings is unique.
  • Earring Length: ~1.75″
  • The antique-silver metal bead caps have been treated with a protective coating to help prolong their shiny finish.
  • The stainless steel earwires are nickel-free and lead-free.

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